Lets kill cheating!!!

<p>The college admission process gets damaged by cheating. The ACT has failed in stopping it. We, as a society, need to start doing something about it. I don´t know about you, but I have tried to do the best I can do alone and it has not worked. In my school, the ACT allowed people to cheat. I believe that it was a mistake. As I had written somewhere else on college confidential what ACT wrote me as an answer:
I did not understand why you were asking such specific questions about a
test you do not plan on taking. I apologize for assuming that you were
going to use this information to benefit your test taking.
I wish I could tell you more about our past tests, but it is not ACT's
policy to discuss our test stratagies</p>

<p>I have thought of a method to make them react. Everyone who knows a case about cheating, where the ACT could have reacted easily and they have not, let have him write it here. Everyone can email the ACT about this and as they have done with me, they will answer with an embaressing and almost inmoral answer. AFter enough emails, they will have to react. I will write the first case. Anyone else who wants to write a new case of cheating where the ACT has not reacted because of laziness, just go ahead.</p>

<p>In some Latin American countries the ACT reuses prevoius test that the same students have taken before. The ACT knew that those students were getting perfect scores, but they decided not to react.</p>

<p>Anyone willingly, please write to the ACT TO MAKE THEM REACT and avoid this to happen again.
This is the ACT email <a href="mailto:osus@act.org">osus@act.org</a></p>

<p>I think there is no reason to get on your high horse on this. Yes cheating is a problem but you really won't be able to stop it. Also by punishing the students to severely (like telling all the colleges they cheat) would ruin a kid's life over one dumb mistake. I don't like cheaters but they exist and will continue to and the ACT will do nothing about it, and if they do something about cheating their actions will probably hurt the honest student more than the cheater.</p>



<p>To start with, if they tell the college that those student cheat, they will just have to applay to other colleges that or next year. Still, I am not speaking about people cheating in the normal ways. I am speaking that in my school, the school counselor was the ACT representative. He knew that everyone was cheating. He allowed them to do so. The ACT was told about it. I am posting tomorrow what they answered. BOTH EXPLICETLY TOLD ME THAT THEY WONT EVEN CANCEL THEIR SCORES. Still, I don´t follow you. I think that colleges would always think the worst when a student's score is cancell. The only thing that I want is to make the ACT cancel the scores of all my classmates who cheated. Think it like this. There is a place in Latin America where few people take the ACT. There they always give the same test. If they discover any problem, they would not cancel your scores. Everyone would just travel there to take the test. The only think that I want is them to react. If not everyone applying from that country would be damage.</p>

<p>The ACT doesn't allow cheating; the proctors do. Emailing them won't do much, and no, I'm sure most people won't travel to Latin America to improve their score. By the way, your prose is hard to follow.</p>

<p>^^ i agree.. i'm not sure that people would travel to Latin America to take an ACT... and the proctors are the ones regulating the cheating.. the ACT really can't do much unless the proctors are the ones contacting ACT and informing them about the cheater and what to do about him (one person in my room who cheated was caught, and after our proctor called ACT during the break, they said to void his test).. so ACT does make sure that people don't cheat... but they can't really do anything unless a proctor tells them... not some student who claims to know that his classmates have cheated.. i'm sure you're telling the truth, but the ACT people don't know if you are or not and since they don't know for sure b/c the proctor never contacted them during the test, they can't do anything (b/c in their minds, you may just be trying to screw they're grades instead of being honest.. so they can't really do much about it)</p>

<p>That its true, but I emailed them saying that if they see the score, they will see that all of them increase from average to a minimum of 32. Then I told htem they could see their tests and they will see that they all answered the same test on different dates, so they already knew the answers.</p>

<p>What I am saying is very specific. The ACT messed up or they were tricked. Since then they have given the same exact questions to the students at that test center for a year at minimum. Its public information in Chile. All the students who take the ACT know that they can retake the exact same test a month later.</p>

<p>If the ACT messes up with something that damages applications, can they be attacked publicly or something like that?</p>