Let's Make this Thread teh Best

<p>It will be the very best, teh best there ever was but you need to help unleash the power that's inside</p>

<p>Is this some new meme to spell the * teh*?</p>

<p>It will only be teh best when Jersey13 shows up :)</p>

<p>^^ I just began it</p>

<p>e.g. Nutella's teh best</p>

<p>^z0mg nutella! I'm in the mood.</p>

<p>And everyone: my mom bought chocolate bananas today. About to be a wild party in my taste buds.</p>

<p>CPA u daaaa bestestttttttttttttttttttttt betta than my CPU...................... :]</p>

<p>^^LUCKY! I want a chocolate banana!</p>

<p>^^ no ur better than westafrobeauty</p>

<p>Have you consumed chocolate on apples?</p>

<p>teh, is definitely not a new meme by any sense.</p>

<p>I wanna be the very best</p>

<p>Like no one ever was</p>

<p>^^^Yeah, as part of caramel apples. </p>


<p>^^ my memory is hazy :b</p>

<p>^ I have 2 weeks. I don't know what to do</p>

<p>^I have this week and next. I have to do 30 pages in a workbook for chem, and a health powerpoint, then my exams next week, then done. SO MUCH TO DO RAWR.</p>

<p>go health projects!</p>

<p>What the hell is health class for?</p>

<p>This is why I'm glad we don't have health at my school. They kind of gave up on it for juniors and seniors.</p>

<p>Damn you CPA... Since reading this thread the Pokemon theme song has been on a loop in my head for an hour... And unlikely to stop any time soon.</p>

<p>muahahaha !</p>

<p>watching the Grey's Anatomy Season Finale :D</p>