Let's play?

<p>Ok, so since we still have 2 days....let's do an online "betting" game :)</p>

<p>GUESS YOUR SAT score...yep...and the winner is the one who is the closest :)</p>

<p>I'll start:
Math: 780
Writing: 720
CR: 750</p>

<p>Total: 2250</p>

<p>I'll try it...</p>

<p>Math: 530
CR: 730
Writing: 740
(Essay: 10)</p>

<p>Total: 2000</p>

<p>Writing 720 (essay: 10)</p>

<p>Reading 680</p>

<p>Math 670</p>

<p>Total: 2070</p>

<p>Writing: 730 (Essay: 10)
Math: 760
Verbal: 730
Combined: 2220</p>

<p>I forgot my essay score: 9-10, I'll guess 10?</p>

<p>Writing: 760 (Essay - 9 or 10)
Math: 690
Verbal: 790
Combined: 2240; something close to my previous 2250...</p>

<p><em>crosses fingers</em></p>

<p>i want to play to</p>

<p>CR: 850
M: 850
W: 850 (essay 14)</p>

<p>yeah i rock! combined 2550</p>

WR:740 (11-12 essay)</p>

<p>M: 800
CR: 750
W: 760 (Essay 11-12)</p>


<p>That'd be nice :)</p>

<p>M: 800
CR: 800
W: 800 (Essay 12)</p>

<p>That would be nicer :)</p>

<p>lol silver.</p>

<p>i took SAT IIs</p>

<p>so i guess:</p>

<p>Math IIC: 780
US History: 800</p>

<p>^ Silver12065:</p>

<p>O yeah! Big time.</p>

<p>For those who played...let's see who won -_-</p>

<p>I'll start:

<p>Real thing: 2360</p>

<p>So, I'm off by 110....</p>

<p>Real score:


<p>Off by 30.</p>

<p>Real Score: 2150
Prediction: 2300</p>

<p>Off by 150. Knew I was being optimistic, but still thought I'd break 700 on my CR and W (was off by 10 and 30 pts respectively). Ah well.</p>

<p>I guessed 2250 before. I got 2260. Bah.</p>

<p>Real Score: 1810 :(.....sofar.
Prediction: 2100 </p>

<p>Math: 510
CR: 680
Writing: 620</p>

<p>2400 </p>

<p>800 x3</p>

<p>Basically everyone over here besides me and 2 other guys are overachievers ;)
(come on! Not all of you will score 750-800s! Accept it! You (and so am I) are lucky to score a 650.)</p>

<p>You don't score 650+ by luck :)</p>