Let's prep

<p>Should I
(p.s. I already got the fundamentals down)</p>

<p>A) Study with Practice tests?</p>


<p>B) Study with workbooks?</p>


<p>C) SLEEP (jk)</p>

<p>if your getting less than 700 in anything, then use workbooks. Other than that practice makes perfect</p>

<p>Practice tests aren't that useful IMO when used too often. First, taking a practice SAT is a freaking time drain. Second, if you take practice tests too close to each another, your score likely won't change by an appreciable amount. </p>

<p>Just finish all the workbooks you have. Take practice tests periodically - e.g. once a week is good enough. That's what I do.</p>

<p>I think you should only take practice tests once every week or two weeks. Other than that just go through a bunch of practice problems un-timed until you have them down.</p>

<p>Sorry I forgot to mention it.
But I plan to take a practice test, review it, understand it, then move to the second test.</p>

<p>^You should always review a practice test after taking it. But I don't suggest taking more than 1 practice test in a week.</p>

<p>the basic and average procedure, which i follow along with many others im sure is the following:</p>

<li>Use workbooks to help you get better in each section, ex. Grubers/Chungs for Math and Direct Hits/Barron's 2400 for CR + W, respectively. </li>
<li>Once you think you have mastered several concepts and want to know how well you can apply it move onto BB practice tests.</li>
<li>Evaluate how you did, go over mistakes, understand, and repeat if desired (preferred as well)</li>

<p>and...for some extra motivation when your checking CC, do the SAT QOTD :)</p>

<p>Wow! Can't believe you actually asked this the obvious answer is C DUH lol :P but seriously I say B at first then A</p>

<p>Haha com'on I need some aloofness (had to throw in a SAT word (; ) in my life (DID I EVEN USE THAT WORD CORRECTLY? o.o)</p>

<p>But yeah, thanks guys! :D</p>

<p>the best word ever, and i might have seen it on the SAT at least once is..COPIOUS..as in you need copious amounts of sexual activity to do well on the SAT. (Sexual Assessment Test)</p>

<p>What workbooks do you guys use when you guys don't practice from the BB?</p>

<p>I use Barron CR and writing.
But I suck (got low 600s)