let's start a countdown

<p>I prefer snail mail. online is too surreal for me o_o oooiiiioooo
lol i'm kinda short and i just talk about hitting people with sticks instead of kicking them ^^ cuz that's what i do. naginata=artfully hitting people with sticks.. except if we were in feudal Japan, it would be cutting people with sticks that had blades at the end...good think we're not back then!</p>

<p>one of the coaches will call about my decision - if i get in, she calls me. if i don't she calls my parents. </p>

<p>i'm going to feel SO ****ty if she doesn't call me. or if my parents have to break bad news to me. </p>

<p>ugh. fingers crossed. and toes.</p>

<p>^^My friend got a text from Stanford's football coach in the middle of math class. He called him from the bathroom.</p>

<p>^^ I don't like that one bit.</p>

<p>hahaha that's classic</p>

<p>Here's the article: <a href="http://stanford.scout.com/2/458936.html?refid=4586%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://stanford.scout.com/2/458936.html?refid=4586&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>wow...i could be him
all i need to do is gain more than 150 pounds and grow about six and a half inches by about tomorrow</p>

<p>i have to gain about 200 and more than a foot. </p>

<p>maybe if i just get a really overweight toddler and put him on my shoulders that'll trick them.</p>

<p>...or maybe i'll stand on his shoulders.</p>

<p>is it just me ...or is that guys brother pretty hot?</p>

<p>lol, it's just you</p>

<p>yeah...it is</p>



<p>lol, might be because that little punk is already a pretty sure shot of getting in. </p>

<p>i'm so jealous!</p>

<p>transitive property - him getting in two years from now, my getting in right now?</p>

<p>no? doesn't work? pity</p>


<p>lol yes bluefish spelled wrong...I have no clue where I stole that idea from..
er I'm not really jealous of the football player........ <extra long ellipsis</p>

<p>recruited athletes found out oct 29th!</p>

<p>Out of curiosity: is anyone here a varsity athlete/captain?</p>

<p>fencing, varsity, nat'l a little int'l</p>

<p>but i really suck off paper</p>

<p>captain varsity baseball, not a recruit though, thatd be sweet</p>