let's start a countdown

<p>until dec. 15</p>

<p>sure, why not.
does infinity count as a valid number?</p>

<p>20 days...but who says we'll find out on the 15th? (last year some people found out as early as the 11th)</p>

<p>To really taunt people, get one of those Countdown-by-the-second counters. :D</p>

<p>did ppl find out by the 11th by mail or online</p>

<p>Online I think.</p>

<p>They found out by mail. I don't think Stanford used online notification last year.</p>

<p>I swear I remember people checking online last year.....</p>

<p>Check last year's CC threads around that time. I don't see any record of online notification (but do correct me if I'm wrong).</p>

<p>They did not use online notification last year. I am 100% sure!</p>

<p>will they use online notification this year?</p>

<p>is anyone planning on calling them? i know this girl that did a couple of years ago. haha she used her cell phone in the girls' bathroom and screamed when she found out she had been accepted.
i'm not gonna do that though. i def don't wanna hear the woman/man going "oh...sorry...you've been REJECTED!" or "you were accepted! (3 seconds later) HAHA JUST KIDDING!" =P</p>

<p>I still liked someone's idea of having YESSSS, NOOO, or MAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYBE on the envelopes.</p>

<p>I bet the mailman'll get a kick from delivering those oh-so-discrete decisions.</p>

<p>oh. he'll get a kick. from me, if it says no.</p>

<p>it occurs to me that a large percentage of my posts are violent when faced with rejection. </p>

<p>which is funny, because </p>

<p>drum roooooll</p>

<p>i'm 4"11. and indian. and weigh around 100. </p>

<p>oooh yes, i am definitely in the business of kicking some ass....or not.</p>

<p>they let you say ass but not b o a s t f u l</p>

<p>see: boa****l (they bleep it out)</p>

<p>it's because b o a s t f u l has the letter combination 's t f u' in it.</p>

<p>it's odd - all the Ivy ED people are talking about their login info for the decision site (which I believe is not the same as applyyourself.com). If we really ARE getting online decisions then shouldn't we be hearing something as to HOW by now?</p>

<p>I don't know, an online one would be an instant high/death, but I'd prefer snailmail take its time to travel across the USA before reaching me, so I can breath a sign of relief whenever I DON'T see anything in my mailbox.</p>

<p>I really hope that they put the "congratulation" stickers on the envelopes for the people who were accepted (like they did last year). That way, people can just know in an instant whether they got in or not (except for those who got deferred).</p>

<p>i dont even know what id prefer, I think online though.</p>