Lets talk about Spelman!

<p>Wow, I see there is very little activity here on Spelman's page. Well, I would certainly like to see that change! Hopefully there are some people on here similar to myself that are really curious about Spelman College, and if so, I'd like to start conversations here about the College and I guess just get more activity on here. I'm currently a senior in high school and applying early action for the class of 2013 to Spelman College. As of right now, I'm almost positive that Spelman is my number one choice; the only thing that concerns me is getting plenty of money to attend. I love what I see and hear about Spelman and I think it offers such a unique educational and cultural college experience..Anyways, somebody on here please lets get together and talk about Spelman College! </p>

<p>I'll leave a question on the table since I have some questions: Do you know how important SAT scores are to Spelman? I'm not the best test taker, and I took the SAT Saturday but of course do not know my score yet (based on my past standardized test taking history, I think I probably did mediocre or to the low side) I want to know basically how much Spelman cares about test scores....</p>

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<p>I went to Spelman (C'08). PM me if you'd like any info.</p>

<p>Im interested in Spelman too! I thought I was the only one. And when I applied Early Action I sent them my SAT score and it was a 1560. (I know HORRIBLE) but I took the SAT twice after and got a 1650. So Im also wondering how big of a deal the SAT is. Feel free to reply to the new post I've started. Hopefully people will write. Good luck! & Hope to see u at Spelman if I am accepted.</p>

<p>i just got accepted to Spelman about a month ago.</p>

<p>i can't wait to go to Spel-Bound in April.</p>

<p>Jovial jai- oo! That's great, I'm so mad they're taking long to tell me, I want to go to Spel-bound really bad! Where are you from? (If u don't mind me asking?)</p>


<p>i'm from Central Jersey. :)</p>

<p>i apply RD on Nov. 30 & got my acceptance letter during Winter Break (a little after Christmas).</p>

<p>i visited in summer of 2008 &
i'm seriously considering attending. :)</p>

<p>I am hoping to go ... I was struggling over wether or not the debt would be worth it ...</p>

<p>oo, I see. See, that's not a problem for me, I see Spelman as a pretty cheap school. Compared to the other private schools I applied to, all-women's colleges, it has been the cheapest one! lol, I'm just waiting to hear their decision in April..It's taking so long! = /</p>

<p>I hope all of you admitted students are able to attend Spel-Bound in April! It is an amazing experience, and about 90% of the young women who attend decide to attend Spelman in the fall, so you will get to meet a lot of your first-year class there. We always plan some special events for the weekend of Spel-Bound and it is a lot of fun, both for the admitted students and for the current students who plan and execute it.</p>

<p>Again, if anyone has any specific questions about Spelman, please feel free to send me a PM. Superwoman, I received your questions, but when I tried to respond it told me that you were not accepting PMs.</p>

<p>ooo, thats odd! Well my personal email is <a href="mailto:lwagnac@hotmail.com">lwagnac@hotmail.com</a>, ill be sure to delte this post as soon as you get the email lol. Im so excited! I hope I get in, I wonder whats taking so long! I sent my stuff in since November, and last week I had an interview over the phone with Ms. Alexis Hudson, I hope its good sign..but I think I did very well. I hope I get to go to Spel-Bound, because the tickets are soo expensive! I would have to reserve one as early as possible.</p>

<p>How t0 get acceptes to Spelman College?</p>

<p>I am interested in attend spelman but dont know how to start my essay or what to write. i really want to attend spelman and i need help with what they looking for.</p>

<p>Just a shout out! We just visited Morehouse and ran into a lot of Spelman students.</p>

<p>I applied to both Howard and Spelman
And was accepted to Spelman. Haven't gotten word back from Howard yet, but which one is better for Biology/Psychology?</p>

<p>Hi ladies,
I googled "who gets into spelman" and this thread came up. Based on your discussions, I thought it would be a great idea to join to see if some of my questions would get answered. I am currently a junior/senior in highschool. I am ahead on all of my high school credits and I have the opportunity to graduate a year early (that's why I said junior/senior). My orginial class is 2013, if I graduate early, it'll be in 2012. I too have dreams of going to spelman but I've heard that the only people who get accepted are those who have "connections" with existing or past spelman students. I don't know anyone from spelman, but I do have a GPA of 3.86, I'm in all advanced and AP (college level) classes, and I participate in clubs that practice community servic and I'm in DECA. Do you think it would be hard for me to get in?</p>

<p>eboneee i got accepted to spelman with a 3.7, participation in many clubs, only one AP course and without any connections, so im pretty sure that you'll be fine :)</p>

<p>Hi! I've been so anxious and overwhelmed about my chances of getting into spelman college knowing that is is the number one hbcu and it's a private school the money is not an issue my concern is I'm an average student in in extra curricular activities I have a leadership role in some of the clubs I'm involved and I have volunteered my test scores are okay and my gap is just okay it's a 3.4 I plan to improve my act and say scores by the time to apply I want to know if spelman would want a girl like me because I'm very well rounded but not as book smart as some people seem that attend! Please reply!</p>

<p>I will start Spelman in January!! Im super EXCITED and BLESSED!!</p>