letter 2 my teacher...

<p>should i write a letter 2 my teacher .... so she can write me a better recommendation? i still don't think i know her well enough. i'm applying 2 a prep school, by the way, and i omitted some titles... please be critical here!! i just wrote it in like 10 mins so it's not that grammatically correct(procrastinator). THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCHH!!</p>

<p>November 15, 2011</p>

<p>Dear Ms. Teacher,
I am writing this letter to ask you to write a high school recommendation for Fontbonne Academy. I hope you can take some time to write me a good recommendation to strengthen my application. I am applying to three private schools (A Academy, B Academy, and C School), and all three of these schools would be a good fit for me; however, only A Academy requires a teacher recommendation. Hence, I’ll need some of your efforts into getting accepted! </p>

<p>I know that I am a good candidate for A Academy. Firstly, I am qualified because of my good grades and test scores. In 6th and 7th grade, I was always on the high honor roll, with As and A+s. In 7th grade, I received a perfect 280 on the English Language Arts MCAS and advanced scores for Math. Secondly, I enjoy learning. I hope that if I do get accepted, I will take many challenging courses to, well, challenge myself. Thirdly, I have a strong work ethic. I will work ten times as hard to get whatever I want, and I know that in my goals, school is the number one priority. However, I am also well-balanced; I play the flute in the band and I also study Mandarin. For those three reasons, I believe that I am a qualified applicant for A Academy. </p>

<p>Teacher, please honestly assess how well you think I did for the past two and a half months. I was also in your 6th grade AP Reading class, so that gives your recommendation an advantage! Honestly, you should write to whatever you think is right. I really appreciate that you could help me along this scary, unsure admissions path. The application deadline is December 15, so maybe you could give me your letter five to ten days before the deadline? I really don’t want things to be rushed, including your recommendation! I appreciate your efforts. Thank you so much!</p>


<p>Isn't the teacher recommendation mailed directly to the BS?</p>

<p>Students usually give their recommenders a resume that lists the specific details of their activities. For example, you would list the activity "playing the flute" and then list the number of years, the amount of current involvement, and any awards or honors for that activity.</p>

<p>I think it would be better to say the first and last paragraph stuff in person, and just give your teachers a brief list of your activities, test scores, and grades--anything you think she might not know. Keep the general stuff (strong work ethic) off the list; she's supposed to give her perspective on that, not yours.</p>

<p>And give her a self-adressed stamped envelope--as silicon points out, the teacher rec. goes straight to the boarding school.</p>