Letter after ID Deferral

<p>I was deferred from Rice ID, and I'm now writing a letter to send them to update a bit on what I'm doing and tell them that Rice is my top choice school.</p>

<p>I was accepted to UChicago EA, and my mother keeps telling me that I should tell them that. Should I? If so, how do I work this into the letter without sounding like I'm bragging?</p>

<p>As an adult, who happens to be a recruiter in IT, I agree with your mother. The key is how you tell them. You might want to say something like this:
I'm writing to let you know that Rice is still my top choice for schools, even though I have been admitted EA to UChicago. I really would love to attend Rice because............. (or I feel Rice is a perfect fit for me because....).
You're not bragging, you're giving them important information and you then have another chance to reinforce why you want to go the Rice, to show that you understand the benefits of Rice and that you REALLY, REALLY want to go. The point you want to make is that it's not just another school for you and you will accept if you are given a chance.
Good luck! My son loves Rice.</p>

<p>i wouldn't tell them that. for a little bit of philosophy, correct me if i'm wrong, but you are going for something like "i have been accepted to a rival school and may give up on you since you didn't give me admission" or "a school of similar caliber admitted me, so you should too" but that is antithetical to any school's admissions policy because every admissions department has a different vision for their school. admissions rightfully prescribes to the relative strength of students because they have different ideals. because of this, i wouldn't bring it up. </p>

<p>from another perspective, to me it decreases from the human qualities you want to display to them at all costs. i think the update letter has two purposes:</p>

<li>inform the school about any recent accomplishments or improvements you have made to you application</li>
<li>express clear interest in the school, give additional reasons that it is a good "fit," and state that you have full intention to attend if accepted (if that's true). </li>

<p>I PMed you an example. think about with your mother.</p>

<p>actually, the way you say it sounds pretty good, lauras. given a phrasing like that, i couldn't blame anyone for it. i think i would personally still feel weird about mentioning another college's name anywhere, but that is just me.</p>

<p>I think it should be fine as long as you make it clear that you would choose Rice over UChicago without hesitation, as lauras's phrasing does quite well.</p>

<p>Thank you guys very much! (:</p>