Letter from old westbury saying

<p>hi , i got a letter from suny old westbury asking for more information quote: "We have received your academic credentials but, a decision cannot be rendered until a review of your financial documentations is complete." and so on, they ask me to submit all the things they wanted. What i want to know is , does this mean they're likely to accept me? i mean i figure they would just deny me straightforward if they werent instead of sending me a packet with stuff to fill out. i just wanna know if this is a tease or just them asking for more information to finish the application normally. The info their requesting by the way is not academic info as they said they have reviewed my academics but they want my financial info before they make a decision.</p>

<p>Honestly, it sounds like they want to know if you are full-pay. With the bad economy, some schools have resorted to choosing some applicants based upon their ability to pay the tuition.</p>