Letter of Acceptance sent...now what?

<p>My son has sent his letter of acceptance along with supplemental paperwork. How long before he gets more information? Are the Permit to Report packages all sent out together or are they sent as acceptances are received?
Does USNA return the birth certificate?</p>


The Permits to Report are sent out in mid April.</p>

<p>You will get the birth certificate back.
The permit to report packets will follow- if I recall, the paperwork took awhile to get started, but once it did it seemed something arrived almost daily!<br>
If you want to get a head start, would suggest arranging any final dental cleanings, menningitis vaccinations, hep vaccinations- (if not already done!) </p>

<p>Parents will also get info re: football tickets, alumni foundation, etc....
hang in,.... the fun is just about to start!</p>

<p>One quick question about the appointment paperwork:
Do you have to get the police background check done at the main police station in your city or can you have it completed by the officers at school or what?</p>

<p>We had some trouble getting our police stations to cooperate. They refused to send the form directly to USNA and even refused to answer all the questions. I was pretty frustrated about it until I talked to USNA admissions and they told me not to fret -- just send in what I managed to get. The midshipmen go through a much more thorough security clearance after they arrive at the yard.</p>

<p>To specifically answer your question -- we had to go directly to the two police stations where we lived over the past few years. I couldn't do it for my son, either. He had to go and present his ID.</p>


<p>I was wondering the exact same thing!</p>

<p>So the officer at my school can't just do it?</p>

<p>How long did it take for your son to get his LOA after his review board date (if it was known)? The woman at Annapolis, the DODMERB site and everything else says I have an LOA, but its been since Feb. 14th and still no paperwork...just wondering.</p>

<p>My son was notified of 3Q in Sep. He had his MOC interview on Dec 8. He was called by MOC staffer on Dec 29 and told that he got a nomination. On Jan 4, he was called by our congressman and congratulated for his appointment. The big envelope arrived on Jan 12. He had a telephone interview with our senator scheduled for Jan 12, but didn't need it. After reading threads on this forum, he realizes how quickly things have happened for him. Good luck to all that are still waiting.</p>

<p>It may be different for you, but the two police stations we had to deal with were clearly reluctant to help. You may have a great officer there who can help ease the process.</p>

<p>My son got the call from his congresswoman's office the third week of January. It took a good two weeks after that for the USNA envelope to arrive. Shane was on edge until he finally had the proof in hand. We went to Annapolis last weekend and he spent a couple of days living with the mids and we toured the facilities. He's more excited than ever to be a part of it. It sounds like your son will be joining the rest of the class of 2012.</p>

<p>I know the feeling of wanting some tangible proof. All I have is phone conversations and its driving me crazy. Yesterday I began to think that maybe it was dropped in the mail truck, but that probably isn't the case ;)</p>

<p>Well...I hate to admit this, but after about 10 days of waiting, I did call the USNA Admissions office to verify. They were really great about it -- laughing and offering hearty congratulations.</p>

Do you have to get the police background check done at the main police station in your city or can you have it completed by the officers at school or what?


<p>unless things have changed, you need to have this completed in the area where you reside-
if you go to school in a different precinct, then you will need one from there as well.
Our case: son lived in one state, went to school in another. Police checks required for both. One did not charge a fee; the out-of-state one charged us a nominal one ($25 if I recall).</p>

<p>Suggestion: make a copy of the paperwork with the request from the USNA and give to the precinct....in our experience that seemed to help, that and a stamped envelop directly back to the USNA.</p>

<p>I had the same problem with my police background check. I had to visit all 3 of my stations multiple times. Eventually I had to show them the actually directions that USNA gave me, stating the police station should send the forms. That seemed to help.</p>

<p>I had trouble too, but even when I showed the police the form that USNA sent me they said that USNA didn't have the authorization to receive the police report directly. So that mailed it to me and I mailed it to USNA without opening it.</p>

<p>In our case, we thought we needed police record checks from 3 different jurisdictions in Pennsylvania (live in one, school in 2 others), but the first one we went to told us it's now all done online via a Pennsylvania State Police system which covers the entire state. I submitted the request for the record check on my son (for a $10 fee); it was returned almost instantly. I printed it and called the Admissions office to ask if this was sufficient (hoping it was as it seemed to be the only option.) The woman I spoke to said this was fine and told me about that more extensive background check that's done during Plebe Summer, which a previous poster mentioned.</p>