Letter of Recommendation Dilemma

<p>At this moment, I only have one guaranteed letter of recommendation. The obvious problem is that many of the schools I'm applying to require at least two.</p>

<p>Earlier this year, I had asked one of my other junior teachers to write me a rec, and he said that he had already received numerous requests and would sadly have to put me at the bottom of the list (I was a pretty good student).
Recently, he contacted me and pleasantly informed me that he will not be able to write me a recommendation because he has "multitudes" of others to complete as well as other "duties" to attend to. So... yeah. </p>

<p>I'm kind of ambivalent as to what I should do now. Should I try to email one of my other teachers and try to get them to write me a last minute rec (I really don't want to have to do this, but I may resort to it....)?</p>

<p>Can I even send in an application with only one recommendation? Will I be automatically rejected?

<p>Does anyone have any suggestions or any extra information?

<p>You need to have 2 teacher recommendations, so yes, ask another teacher and apologize profusely for the last minute request. Make it as easy for them as possible to write it ... provide them with a short summary of why you're asking them, what colleges you are applying to and why, and what you intend to major in. And of course, if they need to do it hardcopy, provide them with the form and stamped, addressed envelops.</p>