letter of recommendation from internship?

<p>over the summer i did a 4 week internship at a lab at mass general. my boss told me she would be happy to write me a letter of recommendation for college, but my guidance counselor told me that to get a letter of recommendation from her i would have to send her an addressed envelope for every college i'm applying to. would it be worth the trouble to have my boss send the letter for me or should i not even bother? would a letter of recommendation really help my chances of getting into a college?</p>

<p>1) Most colleges require zero rec letters. Obviously, your boss’ rec letter won’t be sent in
2) For those that require 1 or 2, they want teachers 1st and foremost.
3) For the few that accept a 3rd supplemental rec letter, then your boss’ letter is fine. Only in this scenario as teacher testimony about you is of most importance.</p>