Letter of recommendation from previous counsellor?

I don’t know if this is something common among other high schools, but ours occasionally switch up counselors at the beginning of the year. Long story short, I had a great counselor who guided me through my Sophomore and junior year. However this year, she is no longer my counsellor and has been replaced with someone completely different.

This new counselor is pretty much a noobie who has no idea what she’s doing. I really do try my best to get along with teachers and counsellors, but this one’s driving me nuts! She’s rude, lazy, impatient, unsupportive and downright emotionless. Not to mention, she barely knows me.

Normally, this type of stuff does not bother me as I’ve had worst experiences. What bothers me, is that this is my senior year. As I start applying to different colleges, I’m really worried about her writing a letter recommendation. I realize a letter recommendation from a counselor is kind of a requirement for most colleges - but I feel like this lady is going to ruin my chances of getting accepted anywhere.

TLDR; is it possible to get a letter of recommendation from a previous counsellor, instead of the one from my senior year? If so how do I bring it up without offending them?