Letter of recommendation

Hi I’m having a little difficulty selecting my teacher for my letter of recommendation. I plan to go into engineering, and I have 2 teachers i’m trying to decide between: First teacher I have known my entire time at the high school and work a lot with him after school in the robotics team, especially during build season. I do a lot of wiring and coding in the team, and work pretty hard. But I’ve only actually taken one class with him in my freshmen year. My other teacher I have known for the past two years, and currently am taking engineering capstone with him. My group was actually selected for a prestigious conference in his class. I don’t know who to pick.

I would ask them to work on it together! That’s what I’ve done for mine, as I’ve had three very good history teachers and couldn’t choose between them. I haven’t read the reference, but I’m sure it will be good and have the best comments from all of them. Good luck!

It’s October 21. You need to make this decision TODAY. (In fact, you probably should have made it quite some time ago if you’re a Senior.)

Be open to the possibility that both teachers will simply be too swamped at this point to write you a letter, and have a backup plan in case.

Depending on when your deadlines are, it still might not be too late. Many schools have a 30-day policy.

I would ask both! A few colleges require 2 letters of recommendation, and even for the ones that don’t, it wouldn’t hurt your app. If you can only pick one, I’d go for the one that knows you better and has known you for a longer time.