Letter of Recommendation

I am a senior in high school right now. I have asked my history teacher from my junior to write me a letter of recommendation and also a teacher from Lake Washington Institute of Technology because I did a WANIC course (Medical Careers) there and am interested in the medical field. This was the only course I did at a college so I still did all my other classes at my high school and it is said to be a science credit on my high school transcript. My counselor said I should pick another teacher because colleges won’t see this teacher as a teacher I had for core classes and it will be less impactful. Should I ask another teacher for a letter of recommendation?

Yes. Unless the college professor knows you really well, it is unlikely he got to know you enough in one semester as a high school teacher would over a whole year.

I agree with your guidance counselor’s recommendation to get a LOR from a teacher from a core class.

I would agree, for the reason that it’s not a core course, even if the professor/teacher did get to know you well.