Letter of Recommendation

Would a college be fine if I made a freshman Spanish teacher wrote my letter of recommendation? I know I had her freshman year, but she also coached my school’s Cross Country team, in which I was part of. Do you guys think the college will care? @twogirls @skieurope

Many colleges ask for a rec from someone who knows you more recently. Most people grow exponentially, in both maturity and intellectual vitality between, 13/14 and 16/17. And I am also a big fan of LoRis from lower-level foreign language courses. Knowing the difference between ser and estar us nit something that helps an AO figure out if you are the person for them.

@skieurope I didn’t want to ask my junior year teacher because I wanted to NSYI L Instructor helping me with one for Spanish. I just wanted a Spanish teacher from my high school, but she is also my coach. Do you think a college will mind?