Letter Requested From School District Superintendent

<p>My high school guidance counselor informed me today that Penn e-mailed my school district's superintendent requesting a letter from him about me. Is this a positive thing or a negative thing? What do you think it means about my chances of being accepted to Penn? I have not been offered an interview yet.</p>

<p>Did you write or say on your application about anything relating to your superintendent?</p>

<p>No mention whatsoever.</p>

<p>What did your counselor say? I imagine the superintendent gave the counselor some indication of what they were asking about.</p>

<p>My guidance counselor didn't say in detail, just that Penn asked the superintendent for a letter from him on my behalf. My counselor also told me she thinks it means I'm in the final group of applicants and also in her mind that because thousands apply to Penn that it's a good thing that admissions has taken the time to single out my application and contact my school's superintendent on my behalf.</p>