Letters from Emma Willard

<p>Yay!!! I got accepted to Miss Hall's and I'm probably going there next year but I want to see if I got into Emma or not. Has anyone gotten letters or phone calls at all? They were mailed monday morning so I thought I was gonna get it today.</p>

<p>I have waited anxiously all day but nothing. I am in Virginia though so I am hoping to hear something tomorrow. </p>

<p>I really really wish they had some other option beside snail mail, if you are accepted you have until Friday to accept to attend accepted student's day.</p>

<p>I haven't gotten my decision yet either. im anxiously waiting as well. How do you know that friday is the last day?</p>

<p>hahah i dont know where she got that because on the website under admissions then accepted students it says that it's on the 31st and we will get the invitations by friday (probably comes with acceptance letter) and we have until the 26th to respond to the accepted students day.</p>

<p>Emma is coming snail mail.</p>

<p>Sorry guys, I thought it said we had to respond by March 15th. It was an honest mistake.</p>

<p>It's fine no worries :)</p>

<p>Well I got into Emma Willard. Just received all the letters. Waitlisted for financial aid though which isn't good.</p>

<p>I got waitlisted for Financial Aid as well =[</p>

<p>Are you accepting?</p>

<p>I'm not sure yet. how about you?</p>

<p>The no financial aid kind of stings. I got accepted to Foxcroft with financial aid so I am not really sure, need to hear what the parents think. </p>

<p>I do think Emma is an awesome school though and it pretty amazing. I really wish I knew if waitlisted for financial aid means anything</p>

<p>i got accepted too... yay!</p>

<p>I got accepted!
Except, I got waitlisted for FA as well.

<p>Interesting on the FA with Emma. Last year my younger D was accepted to Emma with zero aide and westover gave her an obscene amount of money. Go figure</p>

<p>D got accepted to Emma and MPS . Did anyone here visit both schools so they can make a comparison of the dorms? We saw Emma but couldn't go to MPS so can someone help us out?</p>

<p>I got accepted to both as well. Miss Porter's campus is spectacular. Their dorms are transformed houses. Here's the link to their pictures:
Miss</a> Porter's School ~ Dormitories
I'm having a blank of what the dorms were like, but i know that the rest of their campus and buildings were great so I'm sure the dorms are too. are you able to attend the revisit day?</p>

<p>My daughter is in her third year at Porter's. Her dorm rooms have always been fantastic. They have been spacious with large walk in closets. Her sophomore year the room was so large she and her room mate added a small sofa! This year while her room is slightly smaller, the dorm has a private bath for each of the rooms!
Each of the dorms has a common room with frig and microwave, television etc. She has been very spoiled by her dorm rooms and now looking at college dorm rooms has become an issue!</p>

<p>I find this very fishy!!!!!!! so many of us have been accepted to emma willard (as did I) but with NO financial aid (well at least waitlisted) if it is pretty much all of us on CC, then just imagine how many others got waitlisted for FA as well! My dad and I came up with this theory that they are trying to save the money that they usually spend on financial aid and use it for their budget or buy more things or something (they just finished remodeling the whole place)...VERY disappointing...i was sure I was going to get a full ride...but it's fine because i got just about full FA from miss hall's and I'm going there next year...they have been so much more organized than ews during the application proccess, and have kept me updated with soo many mailings and have been super friendly. thank you miss hall's: i am impressed.</p>

<p>We can't do the revisit day even though we desperately need to. D is totally stuck between Emma and MPS (she's giving up the coeds) and I prefer one school while her dad prefers the other. In other words, we are of no help. To those of you who got accepted or went to visit both schools, what was your reason for choosing one over the other? Anything would be helpful!</p>