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I wanted some objective opinions on how to thank teachers for writing me letters of recommendation. I asked 3 teachers that I am close to, and they all submitted in early September. I just recently got into my dream school. I think it would be an appropriate time to write them a thank you note for getting me to where I am in this process.

I was thinking about handwriting a note and giving it to them with a Fall treat- just in time for thanksgiving. Do you think this is appropriate? And do you think it will be received well as far as covid safety ( I was going to give it to them and let them know I baked the treat with a mask/gloves on and a sanitary workspace)?

Thanks, let me know you’re thoughts!!

I think they’d love it.

Yes that works! I gave my reccs just a onlie gift card (i am in online school)

@bouders @applicant42025 Okay, great! Thanks for the help!!

I think it is lovely. You should definitely do it. Since people have various allergies, you might just something that works for everyone. Also, a gift card for a cup of coffee or tea and a treat, if it doesn’t set you back too much.

@Meddy Oh good point about the allergies. I think I’ll go with a Dunkin Donuts gift card. Would $10 be an appropriate amount?

@namelessnancy I would think that would nicely cover it and start anyone’s day off on the right foot :slight_smile:

Definitely!! Any teacher would be so happy to hear the good news and know that they were a part of it. Also, $10 is definitely an appropriate amount.

@meddy @wildaises Okay, thank you for the help! Passed them out Friday and they were well received. ? ?

Nice job @namelessnancy and best wishes to you at your dream school!

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