Letters of Rec

I´m applying to the honors college at my local college. I need two letters and they said it does not have to be academic. I didn´t really have a super close relationship with any teacher in high school but I´m thinking of contacting one of my old English teachers for one. For the other I have been playing piano for a while and helped my piano teacher teach little kids and I feel like she could write a great letter for me. If admissions would rather get another academic letter of rec I could manage that but just wondering if my plan would be alright.

Ask the college if letters must be academic-related or not. Chances are if they do, the application requirements would have said as much. However, you don’t want to blow your chances because you guessed incorrectly or misread the instructions.

On the admissions page it does not specify anything other than letters of recommendation and when I called them sometime ago they said it does not have to be a teacher.

I think it would be all right IF the foci of your piano teacher’s letter are traits also critical to high-level academics, such as having a drive to learn and an ability to focus, demonstrating dedication to the learning process, striving for and successfully meeting challenges, mastering the material, working well with others, etc. Good luck with your application!

You summed it perfectly that is exactly what I´m hoping to get from the letter thank you!