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Howdy, I applied to TAMU through the coalition application in mid October. I recently checked the AIS portal and to my surprise, my letters of recommendation were not there. I see that there is a button to request a letter from my counselor, but how would I add my teacher recommenders? Does anyone know why this would have happened, my letters were in before I submitted my application. Thanks in advance.

Your letters were in “where” before submitting application?

They were uploaded to the coalition portal before I submitted my application to the school.

Oh gotcha. We never used Coalition, so I didn’t know that was a thing. Apply texas does not have that option. You can either upload them yourself into your AIS under my documents or have them send them into admissions with you UIN tied to it.

If your teacher will email you a copy you can upload them through AIS.

TAMU expects you upload yourself via document, which is very odd as many teachers don’t prefer letting their students see what they wrote.
Many apply without LOR. But note that when applying Engineering Honor, they have this request system for LOR.
So AO not really (have time) look at LOR.

Hey! Not sure if this is still applicable but I ran into the same problem with my application. I found once you log onto the AIS there’s a button called “Request items from my high school counselor” and from there you can send a request to your teacher/counselor and ask them to upload the LOR’s that way you aren’t uploading them yourself and you will not be able to open it keeping it a secret like teachers/counselors prefer. Just note that it may take up to 24 hours before the document shows up in your application. I’ve attached a picture of where to find it and hope this helps if you still need it! :slight_smile:

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I forgot to address the second part of your question sorry but what I did was add my teacher’s name to counselor’s info sections and check marked the box as Letters of Recommendation (not Counselor Recommendation) so that it got sent to my teacher and she could upload it herself. Once you click the section shown in the first picture this page will pop up.