Letters of reccomendation?

<p>What do I do for this? The college I'm applying to (UW Madison) says they want at least one person that can attest to my academic skill. How can I do this? My mom is the only teacher I ever had. Should I just not send any?</p>

<p>I’d contact the admissions counselor and ask what they prefer. It it’s a requirement, you need to have something, otherwise your application might be considered incomplete. </p>

<p>I wrote out a three paged “counselor letter” for my D detailing our homeschool philosophy, goals, journey, etc. I’ve had at least two colleges comment that it was appreciated.</p>

<p>Have you participated in any ECs or outside lessons (music, sports, service, etc) which were led or taught by someone other than your mom? The college might accept a letter from them, but you will need to call and ask. Or they might accept a letter form that person in addition to your mom writing a letter.</p>

<p>They actually don’t require letters but it says they prefer them. I did have a history teacher once in our home-school co-op, but we didn’t really have much of a relationship and it was over a year ago. I may still try him though. Sent the E-Mail to admissions though, thanks for all your tips!</p>

<p>Do you have a music teacher? Sports coach? Pastor or youth pastor? Have you interacted with any other adults on a regular basis? I would encourage you to get that recommendation. Schools want to see that you have interacted with others outside your home. It shows them that you are capable of making a smooth transition to college.</p>