Letters of Recomendation

<p>Just a quick question-
What's the deal with letters of rec? I know you need them for 3 diff. nom's, etc. So do you just make photocopies of the original ones? Or have the person write out 3 copies themself? Thanks for the help.

<p>My young jedi: Copies you would want to receive?</p>

<p>I can guarantee you that MOCs will, in many, many instances, receive personalized letters of recommendation for candidates.
How would you care to come across? "Wow, this applicant could not motivate his references to write a personalized letter of recommendation; he sent us COPIES of letters he sent to everybody!" or "Wow, this applicant has an outstanding letter of recommendation; the reference really knows this kid and took the time to write me a letter."</p>

<p>There is a program made by Microsoft called Word. All a person has to do is change the addressee line, print out a new "original" on stationary, sign it, and it looks like it was written just for the recipient. </p>

<p>Amazing things these computers.</p>

<p>I thought they had to be hand-written though?</p>

<p>Well. . . you may have me there.</p>

<p>As I recall, the candidate's letter to the acadamy is handwritten. I don't recall there being a similar requirement for letters of recommendation written by others.
My son submitted typewritten letters of recommendation. [In fact, in one case, the reference provided us a draft of what he intended to submit. We edited it to emphasize those points we thought MOC's would want to hear. He happily signed three originals that were addressed to each MOC. The point: References are most likely people that REALLY want you to succeed; they will be very accomodating to whatever you ask them to do.]</p>

<p>Nope, just signed.</p>

<p>Thanks for clearing that up.</p>

<p>Thanks for asking the question CCR712 and thanks for the great answers. On a related question do candidates send Letters of Recommendation with the applications for Summer Seminars? It looks like it's all done on line now so that would make it hard to send letters.</p>

<p>Two years ago, considering all that has passed, seems like a VERY long time ago.
No letters of recommendation that I remember. All online.
We waited up unitl midnite on Feb. 1 as I recall.</p>

<p>Cougar - CCR712...
Summer Session App is all online and, all on honor system (you digitally sign your chances and other freedoms away if you misrepresent), and no recommendations are sent.</p>

<p>It is stricly an academic pre-screen and I'm sure some consideration to your submitted extra-curricular and athletics is also considered.</p>

<p>NASS app is basically the same as the pre-candidate questionare/appl. and FYI includes (from 2005 NASS appl.):
Personal info
SAT,ACT,PSAT scores received
Class Rank and Size (with 2000 character limit Remarks/add-info area)
Courses taken, level and grade
Number of school sports, varsity, letters, captain, awards, club sports
Non-athletic participation, clubs, organizations, other
Leadership roles in non-athletic participation
Remarks section again (limited to 1000 characters)
Medical Conditions
Which session(s) you can definitely atttend
1-10 choices of workshops you'd like to attend at NASS
T-shirt size
How did you learn about NASS</p>

<p>Use the two comment areas to fill in the blanks as you see fit to tout your talents and achievements not specifically covered. Note the character limits are conservative so if you have exactly 2000 or 1000 (including spaces as calculated by MSWord 2003) it won't fit and you'll have to trim some off) Just repeatedly cut and paste these sections and if submission fails, trim until submission succeeds (make sure everything else is done first).</p>

<p>Note: last year, you could not save and continue the summer session application. It has to be submitted all at once (not after midnight on Saturday night!) :)</p>