Letters of Recommendation at CSM

I applied with the Golden application very early in October and am expecting a decision within the near future. I have a few letters of recommendation being written by teachers that were supposed to be completed about a week ago, but I’m now worried that they will not be done before the admissions team has made a decision. My stats are about average (1390 SAT, 4.0 UW GPA, male, and OOS), but I’m wondering if anyone has any insight as to how my decision may be affected by the letters of rec. Thanks to all!

Mines will not accept the Common Application, and does NOT read letters of recommendation. Mines admits students on test scores and GPA and you must send an official transcript and a school profile that your school will forward. Do not bother with letters of recommendation, Mines does not have time to read those.
See FAQ:

@Coloradomama the FAQ says, in response to the question are letters of recommendation required, says

Admissions Tip #5 from Mines Twitter page (similar to @Corinthian 's post):

"Recommendation letters are not required, but we will gladly accept and review them. During the summer is a great time to approach your counselor, or a math, science, or other STEM teacher and request a letter. Have them email the letter to admissions@mines.edu and make sure your full name and data of birth are included in the email.

-Admissions Team"