Letters of Recommendation question

<p>Hi! I think I read that some colleges require a letter of recommendation from your guidance counselor in addition to letters from your teachers.... but what if your high school guidance counselor wasn't the same one since freshman year, doesn't truly know you, and thinks you ask too many questions? Heh heh XD I'm thinking she may just write a generic letter but the teachers that truly know me will be able to paint a better picture of me.</p>

<p>But what would colleges think?</p>

<p>Colleges generally don't care about the GC rec; it's just to ensure that you don't get into any trouble at school. Teacher recommendations are much more important.</p>

<p>Smorgasbord pretty much summed it up. Guidance Counselor's don't get to observe your academic involvement as much as teachers would. They'll just report on your involvement with your college search process.</p>

<p>Whew! Thanks guys!</p>