Letters of recommendation?

<p>I plan on applying to NYU ED1 and I asked two teachers this past spring to write my letters of recommendation for my college apps.</p>

<p>After sitting through an NYU information session prior to touring the campus, I learned that NYU only requires one letter of recommendation and if you send two the second will only be glanced over.</p>

<p>So now I'm in somewhat of a predicament because while I think that both letters will be good, I definitely see one of them being better than the other. Is there any way to ensure that the most attention is given to the letter which I think sells me better (although I'm sure the other will be great)?</p>

<p>The obvious conclusion would to ask the second teacher to not write a letter but I would feel terrible saying that after asking and I still think it would be a good letter of recommendation.</p>

<p>Has anyone else been stuck in a similar situation here? Any advice?</p>

<p>Send both. Any material you submit will be factored into your admission decision.</p>