Letters went out

<p>I was told today that Letters started going out. They told me that my D's was sent yesterday. I have no idea what the decision will be. It will probably take a week to get to the west coast. USPS is now slower than ever....</p>

<p>Socaldad - UGH! I almost wish I didn;t know this. I am sure it will take until monday or Tuesday to get to rural PA - we have the worst mail service ever. You will probably know before we do!!! I am not telling her, because she will be beside herself all weekend. Best not to know.</p>

<p>Oh yay. So excited. Did you guys see this:</p>

<p>College</a> of Charleston makes Huffington Post's '10 Best Places To Go To College' list | TheDigitel Charleston</p>

<p>I had seen that one - and the article in the NYTimes as well. Good press for sure. I so wish they had an online check.</p>

<p>Log on to MyCharleston and you can see status of your application.</p>

<p>My son's status on MyCharleston, hasn't changed. It just says application is complete, which is the same screen that has been posted there for the last 2 months. No decision posted there yet.</p>

<p>No update on line here either.</p>

<p>In-state here. Just checked MyCharleston... status still unchanged... so nervous!! Good luck everyone.</p>

<p>I spoke with admission office this morning. They started making decisions on Dec 1st. First batch of decision went in mail this week. They have not updated the my charleston site. They are way behind online. I was told our letter went out, yet they haven't updated online. They also told me today that they will have all the early notifications out by the 19th of December. I am not sure what the application deadline was for that notification. I think it will take many days before our snail mail arrives. especially with holiday cards now starting.....</p>

<p>I check on line for my daughter every day..lol. Now I am nervous..We are in Virginia, so it will probably be a bit before we get any kind of decision..ugghh.</p>

<p>So some decisions have been mailed, but not all early action? The website says notification will be by Dec 15th, correct? I too have been checking mycofc everyday, sometimes twice a day! Now I will be running to the mailbox instead.</p>

<p>Nothing in todays mail. Connecticut. Anybody get a letter today?</p>

<p>connecticut also and nothing!</p>

<p>Is this just for Early Decision apps?</p>

<p>yes early action should be hearing soon according to few posters</p>

<p>IN-STATE (South Carolina) and nothing from either portal (online/snail mail)...

<p>Empty mailbox in Northern VA too! Anxiously waiting!!!</p>

<p>empty mailbox in PA too - she did get her Hofstra admission today. That helps, but she is really waiting for CofC!!!</p>

<p>Same with us, got into Quinnipiac with 16K per year, but that was his main safety. Really waiting on CofC</p>

<p>Nothing yet in NJ!</p>