level of difficulty (all answers appreciated)

<p>I am currently enrolled in 19 units for my first quarter. I plan to be involved in several extracurricular activities and my scholarship requires I work 10 hrs a week (in a position I have not yet learned). </p>

<p>Do you believe 19 units would be too much? or advisable? I know it is possible but would you advise against it or encourage me to take this course load? </p>

<p>(taking bio and chem among these 19 units)</p>

<p>Difficulty Rating: 7/10</p>

<p>I think 19 units from what you've described will be tough. After the first week you can decide to drop a class maybe.</p>

<p>hey thanks for the responses...if anyone else who reads this agrees or disagrees, please note that or add just a little from your own experience. I would truly appreciate any input. Thank you.</p>

<p>I would advise you to take it easy the first quarter........you have plenty of time to torture yourself within the next 4 years so I strongly suggest you take 12-15 units. Then, you can get an idea of how much coursework, extracurricular activities, and work you can take and plan accordingly. Just think of your 1st quarter as an opportunity to gauge your capabilities/limits. Good luck and you'll be pleasantly surprised how fast a quarter, 1 year, 4 years go by.</p>

<p>^^ this. Take it easy your first quarter because you're going to still be adjusting to college life and the super fast quarter system. Plus, factor in some extra free time to do floor activities or explore Westwood/LA with new friends. There's plenty of time later to jam-pack your schedule and be a social hermit, but for now you should just see what you're capable of and have some fun.</p>

<p>You can always take more units in future quarters if you feel 13-15 units is not enough for you, and there's always summer sessions if you're afraid of not graduating on time.</p>


<p>Honestly, take it easy for the first quarter. You don't really know where you are or where things are or how to get there how how long it takes to get there or the whole bureaucratic system at UCLA. Once you get used to your classes and eating and sleeping and friends and work then I could suggest taking on more classes. But if you do stay with 19 units. God Speed...and im not even christian</p>

<p>Don't the orientation counselors make the freshman sign up for only 3 classes? I asked about 4 and they flat out said no.</p>

<p>what's ^ , and ^^ ?</p>

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Don't the orientation counselors make the freshman sign up for only 3 classes? I asked about 4 and they flat out said no.


<p>But once you get home you're free to sign up for classes like any returning student.</p>

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<p>definitely don't take 19 units your first quarter. the average incoming hs gpa at UCLA is a 4.2+, and the average UCLA gpa is about a 3.2 (less than that in the maths and sciences). it's hard. you'll be a lot happier taking 15 units and getting a 3.7+ than taking 19 and getting a 3.2. really, there's no need to take 19 units your first quarter. please don't haha...i took 20+ last quarter, with several terms under my belt, and it was without question the hardest quarter of my academic career (and i'm carrying a pretty respectable GPA).</p>

<p>good luck and play smart :)</p>