"Level of Recognition" question for awards section

<p>K so i am doing the Awards section of the common app (only 5 allowed to be put). I won the Regional Science Bowl comp. So the box for "state/regional" is definitely checked. But winning at regional qualified us for nationals. We didn't place in nationals cause the competition was crazy, but we did place 3rd in our divisional team challenge, which is a criterion used IF two teams are TIED to determine the winner in matches (there were like 9 division in nationals). Does that count as a part of "Briefly list any academic distinctions or honors you have received", allowing me to check the box for "National" on the level of recognition?</p>

<p>I mean, had we won 2nd in regionals instead of 1st I would have no problem with only regionals box checked, but it seemed like we went a bit beyond just regionals. I don't want to make is mistake by over presenting myself.</p>


<p>I am by no means an expert but . . . seeing as how you did not place or win an actual award at the national level, I'd probably recommend sticking with state/regional.</p>

<p>For an AMC award, scoring 90 or above when in 10th grade or below - is this a national level of recognition?</p>

<p>I'm not familiar with AMC, but is there an official award given by the organization sponsoring the competition for scoring 90 or above when in 10th grade or below? If there is, then it is definitely a national level recognition. If this is given by your school, it should be a school level recognition, etc.</p>

<p>Yes there is ^</p>

<p>And how come you can't elaborate on your awards? The award is called AMC Certificate of Acheivement, how would colleges know what that means?</p>

<p>Then it is national level :]. Well, I hope that after years of being in the admissions office and reading countless files, admission officers would have a sense of what the award means :o.</p>