Lewis and Clark College Regular Decision 2021

Does anyone know when Lewis and Clark College regular decisions will be released? I know the official date is 4/1 but according to the 2015 thread they were released on 3/20. There is only 1 post in the 2016 thread but it looks like that decision was released on 3/30.

They called me today telling me they admitted me.

@Pivotcoptr: Congratulations!

The LC Twitter says that acceptance packets are about to be sent!! Good luck everybody :slight_smile:

D logged onto her portal about an hour ago and she is admitted!

Admitted and have received a fin. aid offer :slight_smile: Its still quite a bit more costly (for DS to attend L&C) than our in-state public option (our Flagship), but the scholarship helps bring the two options a bit closer in net cost. Our public Uni. is also over-crowded, and so summer tuition might be needed (if public college), vs. no summer session needed for L&C since students can get all the classes they need during the standard semesters.

Is this really the main thread for L&C 2021 (its so small!)