Lewis & Clark College Class of 2022 - EA Results

Thought I’d start a thread for this year’s EA results. They’re allegedly being released around this Friday (the 15th) as is tradition with L&C. How are you all feeling about this? It’ll be my first response.

My daughter applied EA. I think ED hears this Friday, EA later… maybe on the 20th? I could be mistaken of course. Best of luck to all the applicants! The wait is almost over!

I spoke to someone in admissions on another topic. The person I spoke to says, barring some kind of snafu, they like to get their EA notifications out before they leave for the holidays…she said that would be 12/22 this year.

I read somewhere that decisions come out today (December 15th). I’m applying EA

I just checked the website and ED comes out tonight but EA comes out on the 1st of January

EA is out!!

Applied EA and got in tonight! 22k/year merit!

S18 in with merit. One of his top 3 choices.

Daughter accepted with Deans Scholarship $$. Does anyone know the difference between the Trustee, Dean and Faculty scholarships?

Applied EA and Accepted with Dean’s Scholarship!

Daughter in with a very generous merit offer- 23K and 2K leadership. She loved L&C but will have to decline because she got into her ED school last night. Congratulations to all who received good news!

Admitted with the 23K Dean’s Scholarship and 2K leadership scholarship. Very excited!

Accepted with 24K a year Trustee’s Scholarship
ACT: 32
GPA: 3.8 UW, 4.0 W

Congrats to everyone that got in! I applied EA as well but I got accepted ED elsewhere and had to withdraw my application

Got in! congrats everyone

My D was accepted EA with a dean’s scholarship. She’s so excited and we are very happy for her. It is her first choice but we need to weigh all her choices (one is regular decision). We loved the school when we visited last Spring.

S was accepted EA with $17K Leadership & Service Scholarship. Scholarship is contingent on participating in Leadership and Service program. Does anyone have experience with that program?

Daughter was accepted EA with a Dean’s Scholarship of $23,000. She was pretty excited!

Got in with a 22k scholarship and the 2k leadership and service scholarship!! Very excited!

My D was accepted, but unsure about any schlorships? was that listened on the acceptance letter, was it somewhere else?