• 3.3 Composite GPA at most
• 3.5 GPA in first semester of senior year
• 27-30 ACT score
• Passed 4 AP & IB courses

• Multiple extra curricular activities involved with since freshman year
• I meet all of the course requirements but my problem is that I’m considering taking a fun elective instead of a third year of Spanish. I got As and Bs in Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 sophomore and junior year and if I take Spanish 3, it’s going to really change my schedule cause I have some other required classes to complete my senior year to graduate. I really don’t want to take Spanish 3 but I’m being told that I’m blowing my chances at getting into U of Portland, Gonzaga and other private 4 years I’m interested in going to. But what I really want to know about is how only taking two years of standard high school Spanish classes will impact my chances of getting into one of my top choices; Lewis and Clark College. Please let me know what you think. How has two years of a language has impacted your college options? How selective is Lewis & Clark?


I’m going into my senior year at Lewis and Clark next year. From what I’ve experienced taking Spanish 3 is proabably a good plan. It might not be as fun or interesting as another elective, but there is a language requirement you have to finish at the school. If you’re planning on just doing Spanish to fulfill that requirement and you’re not interested in taking that language further or studying abroad in a Spanish speaking country I’d suggest finishing it as fast as possible. This means finishing Spanish 3 ASAP. However, if you’re ok with taking more Spanish classes in college and potentially want to go further than the standard requirement saving it might not be a bad idea. I hope that helps!

Feel free to contact me with any other questions you have. I don’t work for admissions, but I’m sure I can either answer your questions or direct you to someone who can. Best of luck!



What are the changes for a:
3.8 GPA + (4.5 1st semester senior year)
1340 SAT
27 ACT
Multiple extracurriculars
4 years of school leadership
4 years of foreign language
Environmental Sciences major

OP: You should be admitted. Are you in need of substantial financial aid ?

@redwoodcity I think you are likely to get in. We are in the same county as you and the Naviance from my kids’ school shows that most kids over 3.5 and 1300 got in in the last few years.

Just make sure that you account for the inflated scores of the new SAT. A 1300 SAT two years ago is about a 1350 today.

Good to know and I can’t tell from our Naviance which ones are the last year vs 3 years ago.