Lewis & Clark EA Class of 2023 Results

Starting the thread … not sure when decisions expected …

We are waiting on this too!

Has anyone gotten their results?

Last year EA results started rolling out on 12/15.

If I get my lewis & Clark decision today on top of my ED decision I will probably explode

Does anyone know what time the decisions are coming out?

I hope soon, but I have no idea

Looking at the EA thread for Class of 2022, it looked like decisions started coming out 12/15 and on through 12/20. If this year follows lasts, decisions should come out this week.

Do you know if they will email us?

i think they’ll come out friday either via email or portal

check out instagram

Instagram countdown clock indicates today at 5pm Pacific time. Good luck everyone!

D19 accepted with $15,000/yr merit! We have a very happy girl in our house tonight!

Accepted with $26k Trustee Scholarship! Unfortunately won’t be able to attend since I just received my ED acceptance from Reed last week but definitely looking forward to being in Portland! :slight_smile: Congrats to everyone who got in!


  • SAT: 1430 (720RW 710M); 7/7/8 Essay
  • GPA: 3.79 (unweighted)
  • IB Diploma Candidate (Bio/Chem/Eng 1A Lit HL & History/French/Math Studies SL)
  • APs: Biology (4), Euro (4), Chem (4)
  • IB: Math Studies (7)
  • Also visited last spring!

Accepted!! Very excited. Here are some of my stats! SAT: 1450 ACT: 34 GPA 3.87 (school doesnt weight) top 10% of class, 9 AP’s, a handful of EC’s. Very excited about this!!! Im from NJ so having the opportunity to move to the Portland area is HUGE for me! My top two are L&C and the univ. of Portland. Going to be a very hard choice. Intended major is environmental science. Does anybody know how exactly L&C and UP compare? Ive looked at stats and everything I just cant get the full picture on how they match up! Congrats to everyone!

I have also been accepted to L&C and UP, and I am interested in environmental science! 1450 SAT and 3.9 unweighted GPA. I live in Washington, so I have visited both and talked to admissions officers. It seems to me that Lewis and Clark has a stronger environmental science program, as well as a more environmentally friendly campus. UP on the other hand has very good programs for nursing and engineering. Personally I think that L&C is more environmentally conscious overall. The school is smaller and the campus has more trees, so I’m weighing L&C with my other options and deciding against UP.

Awesome! Ill definitely take what you said into consideration. Good luck in making your college decision! Maybe we will get to know each other in the future!

My D was accepted with the Trustee Scholarship!

Accepted! with the Presidential Scholarship ($24,000 a year)

Here are some of my stats:
ACT: 30
GPA (weighted): 4.22
GPA (unweighted): 3.65
10 AP classes

I don’t know if I will be attending or not. I am still waiting to hear back from a few schools.
Congratulations to everyone who got accepted!

Accepted EA, $26k/year scholarship! Congrats to everyone who got accepted!

ACT: 32
Top 10%
GPA (weighted-my school is weird and doesn’t have unweighted GPA): 4.425
Full IB candidate: 3 HL’s (predicted 5-English Lit A, predicted-6 Econ, predicted 6-Biology) and 3 SL’s (scored 6-Chemistry, predicted 7-Mandarin B, predicted 6-Math)
EC’s: NHS (secretary/treasurer), NHS tutor for Mandarin Chinese, musical theatre (cast member, 1 show per year), community engagement (March For Our Lives, other youth speaking/organizing events), piano (private, intermediate, 10 years), voice (private, intermediate, 5 years), student ambassador (5 years)