Lewis & Clark Early Action

Hey y’all! Does anyone have any guesses as to when decisions will be released? Are they mailed or electronic? Good luck!!!

wondering the same thing - anyone??

Based off of last year’s thread, it should be next Friday - the 16th.

The L & C website says 12/15 for ED and 1/1 for EA.

We’re waiting to hear back too. Good luck everyone! :slight_smile:

Anyone know what time of day decisions go live?

Anyone hear anything?

I haven’t heard anything yet

Me either. I think they should be coming out around 7-8 EST.

Does anyone know when they release merit aid info? Will it come with the acceptance letter?

@doglover2323 that is how it worked last year.

Looks like they just came out! Admitted.

Just came out. Admitted.

Are you seeing any financial aid stuff?

May I ask what everyone’s stats are? Thanks

Admitted! Congrats to everyone else that got accepted. At the end of my congratulations letter, the admissions counselor included that they enjoyed reading my personal statement. Did anyone else get that?

@lavenderquartz - I got a note saying that my interviewer had really loved meeting me and that she wanted to talk to me when/if I came to visit.

@ohchad - 32 ACT, 4.2 GPA

@ohchad my GPA is 3.9 uw and 4.4 w. 31 composite ACT with 35 English, 29 Math, 34 Reading, and 27 Science. When I graduate I will have taken 9 APs and I have a lot of extracurricular activities including being a club president, part of NHS, etc.

My D is accepted! 30 ACT, 1410 SAT (730V, 680M), ordinary ECs, will have 8 APs and weighted GPA something over 4. We visited last February a and loved the campus, loved Portland. We live in Southeast and she is excited to go to a totally different part of USA.


@lavenderquartz I received the same type of personalized note, except it was about something different.