Lewis & Clark Regular Decision 2018

Does anyone know when decisions are being released???
I believe they came out on 3/20 last year, but I’m not certain.

Based on previous years, I’m hoping for Friday, March 16. Fingers crossed!

I hope so too, I’m growing anxious waiting for all my decisions! Good luck!

Has anyone heard yet?

No, maybe monday?

Nothing yet. In the past their decisions have been released on Fridays. So probably Friday, March 23?

oh wow- another week to wait. Argh.

Does anyone know how decisions will be released? Portal? Mail? Email?

I believe it’s email and regular mail, but I’ve been checking the portal every day, just in case…

It says that they send their decisions via mail and not on the portal or email.

According to the admissions office earlier this week, decisions are coming out this Friday the 23rd, barring unforeseen circumstances. Students will get an email and the info will be in your admissions portal.

Has anyone heard anything yet?

Nope, not yet.

Do you think they will wait to update until the end of the day so their office isn’t inundated with inquiries?

possibly. What time were they released last year?

I tried looking at last year’s thread (Lewis & Clark RD 2021), but it says it has been moved and when I click on it, it says “thread not found.” Is there any way to look at these “moved” threads?

here. Use this link! It seems to be working

i haven’t gotten an official decision yet, but i have access to my financial aid award letter through the WebAdvisor. i’ve got a $17k scholarship, so i’m assuming i got in.

Yeah the finaid packages just “officially” came out today (although the federal shopping sheet came out a couple days ago), and the award packages are dated March 23 so I can almost guarentee decisions will be released today.

where can we see our financial aid packages on the portal? @mrcruton @kning09