Lexus December To Remember

<p>Having been subjected, during the an otherwise good tolerable of football, to sixty five different versions of the Lexus Christmas commercial, I remained confused. Are the Lexi actually suggesting that a Lexus would constitute a satisfying or appropriate holiday gift? If so, I disagree, strongly.</p>

<p>A 7-series, fine. A Benz, even better. But a Lexus? Nothing says Happy Holidays like a reliable, well made, utilitarian, Japanese sedan. </p>

<p>The holiday Lexus is, in my view, the modern day toaster (which was, in its time, the modern day ironing board).</p>

<p>The bow, however, is quite fetching.</p>

<p>I am totally annoyed by the Lexus commercials as well. I have a lovely vehicle already, so this is not a case of sour grapes. The reality is that I really wouldn't like a loved one buying me a car or SUV for the basic reason that I want to pick it out myself--only I know what kind of gas mileage I need, or how much headroom is comfortable for me, if I want automatic or shift, if lots of storage is important, etc. Not to mention comfort and ease of driving--when I test drove vehicles before buying my last car, I couldn't believe how differently each car felt to drive, and visibility issues were very different as well... some very nice cars just felt awkward to drive and were not a good fit for me. </p>

<p>Granted, if I were poor as a church mouse or didn't own any car whatsoever, I would of course be grateful for any gift of wheels. But the kind of family that would plunk down 40K on a new Lexus for a surprise gift is probably not hurting for a vehicle already, so that's just not the point. </p>

<p>I just wouldn't want it for a present/surprise. Now a surprise <em>shopping</em> trip to look at cars...maybe. But for now, I actually still love my car and am not in the market to even think of replacing it and can think of much better ways to spread out 40K.</p>

<p>Actually I was so taken with the ads that I decided to use Lexus' as stocking stuffers! Family members already have cars of their own. But I purchased fourteen for my house staff (butler, chef, kitchen and cleaning staff) ... plus one each for the the Director of Admission at Princeton, Harvard and MIT!</p>

<p>And, apparently when it snows, the Lexus (and its bow) must have some type of magical sheild that prevents it from getting wet. It happens in the commercial so it must be true.</p>

<p>Thank you for that LOL moment.</p>

<p>Personally, I like the Honda commercial that makes fun of the Lexus commercials.....</p>

<p>^ Link? I'd like to see that haha</p>

<p>Car</a> Gift - Happy Honda Days TV - YouTube</p>

<p>I am sure the gentleman in a brand new dealer tagged Lexus this morning who got the crap smacked out of him, has a new take on Lexus December to Remeber. Guess his brakes were better than the Ford F250 that hit him...with a deer guard no less...this is Texas.</p>

<p>OMG, Jay Leno! "It is American spy drone December to remember" video - what a hoot! :D</p>

OMG, Jay Leno! "It is American spy drone December to remember" video - what a hoot!



<p>OK NVM I watched it. It's funny.</p>