LGBT students at Penn

<p>Hi - I am looking into colleges and want a school that takes a real interest in LGBT issues - I had been thinking NYU was the right place - but don't think so any more. What can people tell me about Penn? Is there a real LGBT community? Does the university's actions match what it talks about?</p>

<p>if i'm not mistaken, penn was one of first (if not the first college) to have an outreach program (on campus) to the LGBT community - the LGBT center:</p>

<p>Lesbian</a> Gay Bisexual Transgender Center at the University of Pennsylvania</p>

<p>not sure about Upenn, but I know for a fact that the LGBT scene at Yale is thriving.
Not to stereotype, but I think it's because the whole drama thing over there.
The guy speaking at Yale's information seminar was openly gay, and said he was part of their community. There's also a saying on campus, "one in four, maybe more", that suggests a large gay population at Yale</p>

<p>a few years ago:</p>

<p>Penn</a> called most gay-friendly | The Daily Pennsylvanian</p>

<p>the dp has had quite a few stories about the development of the lgbt community</p>

<p>Search</a> | The Daily Pennsylvanian</p>

<p>Yep, there's an LGBT Center, and several LGBT organizations. Queer Student Alliance and Lambda Alliance are two big ones I believe, but there's ones for engineers, science people, Christians, Wharton, etc. QSA I know has some outreach programs into high schools in the Philly area (a friend of mine is on the board)</p>

<p>I'm gay and I would recommend Penn to any LGBT student in a heartbeat. We hosted IvyQ this past year, the first inter-Ivy LGBT student conference, and it went extremely well. The Lambda Alliance advocates for gender and sexual minorities by working directly with the President, Provost, VPUL, etc. It's also an umbrella group for a dozen or so LGBT-interest student groups. Separately, another board organizes QPenn, a week of visibility and celebration for the LGBT community (keynote speaker, sex toys workshop, drag show, afterparty, etc). The LGBT Center is one of the best facilities on campus and one of the first of its kind. There's also a relatively big gay scene, with many Penn students going downtown to Woody's on Wednesday nights plus house parties, QSA parties, etc. Basically, Penn is an amazing place for our community.</p>