LGBTQ at Villanova

Curious what the tolerance and campus life is like for LGBTQ students at Villanova. Any insight would be appreciated!

I will preface this with the fact that I am an LGBTQ student currently attending Nova.

I have had a 7/10 experience in this regard. Not one of my friends, nor even my roommate, care that I am LGBTQ, in fact they were highly supportive each in their own ways and have not treated me the slightest bit differently since I told each of them.

I am sure there is concern with your question regarding Villanova’s ties to Catholicism. Now yes, we each have to take a Theology class, and attend a “mass” ceremony for orientation (but this ceremony in my opinion was FAR from religious and very welcoming!). Are there people on campus who are closed minded? Of course. Has discrimination happened throughout history for reasons of sexuality, race, gender? Most definitely. There will always be “those” people who are thick headed, regardless of what college you attend. But the college dynamic seems to be very different from high school in that most people do not care at all.

I cannot say that Villanova is the most tolerant university in America. However, it is most certainly far from being the least tolerant! I wish I had specifics to share, but I cannot say anything astronomically awful, nor preach about how progressive the university is. However if it helps, in my experience Villanova is rather liberal. :slight_smile: