LGBTQ+ Life At Lawrence?

Hello! I am a rising senior who is currently interested in Lawrence, and I just visited the school and really enjoyed my time there. Before I fully decide to apply to Lawrence, could anyone talk about the LGBTQ+ community at Lawrence? Specifically, I’m wondering about these three things:

  1. How are the organizations, like Colores? (also, are there any non-LGBTQ related clubs that attract a lot of queer students?)
  2. Are there a good number of LGBTQ+ students on campus? How comfortable is the community?
  3. What is the social/dating scene like, esp. for queer women?
    Any answers would be appreciated, even if not directly related to my questions. Thank you!

I just took my daughter to visit Lawrence U. I can’t speak to your questions specifically, but here’s what I do know: My daughter attended panel discussion of 5 current students. The panelists fielded several questions about LGBTQ acceptance. I wasn’t able to go to that, but she came away feeling like it was a VERY comfortable school for LGBTQ students. She said they used to have an advocacy group, but it disbanded because the students felt really safe already. Apparently for the 2019-2020 school year, they will reorganize as a group for LGBTQ students and allies together. Maybe you can find that group by calling the admissions department? At all the bathroom doorways, there was a poster that talked about how to deal with your feelings if someone who appeared to be a different gender than you entered the restroom (essentially: chill and don’t call security or call the other person out.)

thank you! very helpful :slight_smile:

The (male) president of the university is married to a man. So I’m sure that sets the tone.

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We just visited (winter 2020) and my daughter hung out with a bunch of LGBTQIA+ students who were really cool and seemed very comfortable there. I can’t speak for them, but we got a great vibe.

My sister graduated from there in 2018. They are gender non-conforming, and had an incredible 4 years.