LGBTQ+ life at Vanderbilt? Real talk

I’m a femme lesbian and I applied to Vandy and honestly it is one of my top choices. Loved the students I’ve met and the friendly environment. One thing I can never get consistent insight about is LGBTQ+ Life. I want to go somewhere that has a large community. I’ve never been in a relationship before and I really would like to have The opportunity to date in college. A few questions: are there femmes lesbians at Vandy? Is it actually gay friendly? And can someone give me some real talk about what queer life is REALLY like at Vandy? This is something I’m really trying to look out for for my college experience. Do you know a lot of queer people and do they feel safe?

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

I don’t know much about LGBTQ+ life and I know literally nothing about Vanderbilt, but I am fairly sure the gay community there is well-supported: As a femme lesbian, you should be comfortable saying that you were gay and not having it be a problem.

I suggest you ask this question in the Vanderbilt forum.

Hopefully you have other schools on your list. If a sizable gay community is important to you, you should consider a range of colleges. Princeton Review always has a good list. If academic rigor is important to you, consider some of the women’s colleges such as Smith. Tufts is apparently a really good school for gay students. There are many others. And don’t have your heart set on a dream school.