Liar liar pants on fire?? you be the judge

<p> my friend claims he got 1480 while i got 1470...and he's like all in my face...</p>

<p>BUT...check out the facts and tell me what you think</p>

<p>i asked him how he got the score cuz the website's down. Unlike me, he didnt get his scores by going to the website before it crashed...he says he got it by phone...</p>

<p>so...i ask him how much he had to pay (i know it is $8)...he claims he had to pay $5 to a lady, not a</p>

<p>now, you tell me...does he lie?</p>

<p>yah its 10$ to a machine lol</p>

<p>10? isnt it 8?</p>

<p>Why does it matter whether your "friend" lied or not?</p>

<p>im just curious LOL...</p>

<p>i want to see how much integrity he really has...since he's my VP for FBLA</p>

<p>sorry i'm just wondering, what's fbla</p>

<p>future business leaders of america</p>

<p>"i just want to see what type of integrity he has"...
obviously you aren't a trustworthy person, because if you were you would have no reason not to believe him.
but whatever, and o, if you get 10 points lower than him, your score was still awesome, so be happy</p>

<p>lol i admit im cynical, but im not hypocritical</p>

<p>my question's simply askin, isnt it tru that they charge $8 (or was it $10?) for the phone scores?</p>