Liberal Art College, Upper Midwest

<p>What really are my choices for a good, competitive school in the upper Midwest with a strong liberal arts program (specifically history), and possible a good business side. Similar ones I see are Carleton, St. Olaf, St. Thomas, Northwestern. Others?</p>

<p>Northwestern is a university. Most LACs do not have business programs (though almost all have econ). Carleton is one of the top colleges in the country. The question left is what can your family afford? Do you need financial or merit aid? Are your GPA and scores competitive enough for Carleton or a similar school?</p>

<p>Money is not an issue. My GPA is sitting at like a 3.5/3.6. With a 3.7 weighted (3.7 UW junior year, and got a 29 on ACT). It is real borderline for Carleton. Just brainstorming at this point</p>

<p>In Wisconsin you should look at Lawrence University (really a LAC) and Beloit College. Read "Colleges That Change Lives" by Loren Pope, and his other book, too. These schools are profiled there, as well as many other midwestern schools that often are overlooked.</p>

<p>Unfortunately your GPA and test scores, while very solid, would probably make Carlton and Northwestern reach schools. I think St Olaf is a terrific school and a possible match.</p>

<p>Macalester would take you too</p>

<p>Check out Kalamazoo College.</p>

<p>I agree that Carleton will be too much of a reach, as well as Northwestern and maybe even St. Olaf (unless you apply ED). In addition to the suggestions already presented, you might want to look at Knox College in Galesburg, IL; Luther College in Decorah, IA; Bradley University in Peoria, IL; and Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, IA.</p>

<p>Illinois Wesleyan University is an LAC that has business</p>

<p>Grinnell College in Iowa is excellent.</p>

<p>If you are a guy, look at Wabash. It even has a business concentration, and the history department is popular. 1 in 8 graduates has CEO or Pres. title. Also takes B students.</p>

<p>I second Grinnell, but should add that your ACT is a bit low and, if your GPA is not in the top 25% of the class, this is a reach as well. Few LACs offer a 'business major' but they do have Economics. Take a look at Oberlin and Kenyon too.</p>

<p>Grinnell is a great school but does not have business, and it would be a reach at this point. Also, Oberlin and Kenyon would also be great schools but don't have business and would be reaches. That is not to say that grads of Grinnell, Oberlin and Kenyon can't go into a business field - they can.</p>