Liberal Arts Ballerina

<p>Hey everyone!
I am currently a junior at a very competitive high school in Connecticut. My cumulative GPA, at the end of this year, will probably be around a 3.5 unwaded (my high school does not do waded GPA's). All of my classes have been honors and AP's (this year I took 2APs, and next year I will be taking 3.)
SAT= 1970 </p>

14 years of ballet training (20 hours a week)
^ Impressive summer intensives: AAB, Joffrey, ABT, Walnut Hill (if anyone cares)
2 years of JV soccer
^ team leadership award
VP of charity school organization
2 mission trips</p>

<p>So, PLEASE help chance me! F&M, Bucknell, Hamilton, Conn. College & Skidmore</p>