liberal arts college/journalism

<p>I'm looking for a (preferrably small) liberal arts college on the West coast (specifically California, but it's alright if it's in another West coast state) that has a good journalism program. It doesn't matter if it's in a metropolis, rural, suburban, etc area. Also, I'm not looking specifically for a journalism major. Any school that has a journalism minor, a communication degree with a focus in journalism, or has great internship opportunities would be great, although a journalism major would be fine as well. </p>

<p>I would love to go to one of the Claremont Colleges (mainly McKenna or Scripps), so also if anyone knows if either school has any journalism programs or opportunities then please let me know. =)</p>

<p>GPA: 3.86 unweighted. I'm not sure what it is weighted, but I think it might be above a 4.0. I've taken 5 APs so far, and plan to take 4 more during my upcoming senior year.</p>

<p>SAT: 2010. I plan to retake it one or two more times, as well as take the ACT.</p>

<p>Strong extracurriculars.</p>

<p>What can your family afford?</p>

<p>I'm not entirely sure. I know that if I attend a UC then I won't need financial aid, but that I will probably need aid if I go to a private school. I'm going to guestimate around $20K-ish, possibly more. Maybe even $30K.</p>