Liberal arts degree for broadcast journalism?

<p>Journalism is my absolute faveeeee! Of course the best way to prepare for something like this field is a good undergraduate journalism program. I initially wanted to apply to Northwestern but in the end, I thought it might be too big and have too much of a preprofessional feel. I've applied to college through QuestBridge (if you don't know what it is, there are forums on here about it) and I really think I'll get accepted to either Williams College or the University of Notre Dame. Of course ND has the extensive alumni network (which could really come in handy) and more opportunities for the actual major. Williams College is liberal arts though (obviously) and I applied to it for my other interests that are really strong too, like teaching and performance. Williams has had alumni land opportunities in places like CNN and CNBC (Erin Burnett most notably) and I know I can get an amazing background in history or current affairs, but ND has had people like Regis Philbin and Hannah Storm. I'm not simply basing the programs off of alumni, but that is an indicator of something. Additionally, I'm pursuing a liberal arts college because I'm very...flitting. This is just one of those constants fortunately!</p>

<p>So how valuable is a liberal arts degree in this field?</p>