Liberal arts education at Harvard

<p>In College Board's site, it says that Harvard is a liberal arts college. </p>

<p>But thats the only place where I have noticed such a thing.</p>

<p>So is Harvard a LAC?</p>

<p>Harvard is a university that offers a liberal arts education.</p>

<p>No, Harvard is not a LAC.</p>

<p>Rock on, Liberal Arts! :)</p>

<p>Harvard is a research university that offers its undergraduates a liberal arts education.</p>

<p>^ Ah, you've "returned."</p>

<p>^Why the quotes?</p>

<p>And yes. The death of all my favorite manga websites has left me with no other option than to turn here for entertainment. :(</p>

Why the quotes?


<p>I believe that you know why.</p>

<p>^You don't have to be snarky. :(</p>

You don't have to be snarky.


<p>It was merely a neutral statement of fact.</p>

<p>^There never is - and never will be - anything neutral about you, my dear.</p>

<p>^ Wow, I feel like I am listening to an incredibly embittered married couple arguing.</p>

<p>^lol :p!!</p>