Liberal Arts Requirement / Classes

<p>How many classes can a student take each semester? I've been looking at the classes available, and it seems like the liberal arts requirement would drown the average persons schedule with classes they don't want to take. Is there any way out of those classes? Or is it not as cumbersome as it seems??</p>

<p>Hello DJQ1717,</p>

<p>Students take 4 courses per semester that each carry 4 credits. It is a part of the colleges new 4:4 program. It is possible for a student to take an additional half course in a same semester giving them a 4.5 course load.</p>

<p>Liberal studies requirements (LSR) are a common component of a liberal arts college and has been shown to produce a more well rounded student. The student is allowed to select from a wide range of courses in each of the LSR categories based on their individual interests and tailor their educational experience.</p>

<p>But the authority on this would be our students themselves! Please feel free to go to: Saint</a> Michael's College Bloggers and almost every single one of our bloggers respond directly to questions via their blogs.</p>

<p>I hope this answered your question-- feel free to let me know if you would like to know more!</p>


<p>Jeremy Brown
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<p>I'm in my junior year here and I have never felt that the LSRs have drowned out my class schedule. Most of the time, my requirements were covered through classes taken in the major. I finished my requirements and most of them were through my major and minor. So many classes count towards the requirements that I never felt I was truly limited.</p>

<p>Are there any required math classes? If so, is there anyway I can get out of them? I am struggling through Honors Calculus right now and I think I might die if I ever have to look at numbers again.</p>

<p>Hello lotus815--</p>

<p>Here is a link to our that covers our Liberal</a> Studies Curriculum requirements</p>

<p>On the list you'll see 'Quantitative Reasoning' is "fancy speak" for math. We do have a Quantitative Reasoning Center on campus (similar to our Writing Center) which has drop in hours for students seeking assistance, which is great!</p>

<p>Luckily it's just one course and I presume you won't be majoring in Engineering, Physics or Business. So once you take that one course you'll be done with math.</p>

<p>Hope that answers your question. Certainly feel free to contact me if you have other questions either here on directly.</p>


<p>Jeremy Brown
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<p>Lotus, there honestly aren't great options for those of us looking to avoid math, but it is only one course. I'll probably take a stats class just to get through because they are very inflexible about the core requirements.</p>