"liberal arts" vs. pre-professional at Clark

My DS is interested in Clark, but after a recent visit wondered whether students’ academic orientation might be somewhat less “liberal arts” than “pre-professional.” He wants a job eventually (I hasten to add :slight_smile: ) and isn’t looking for “read the Great Books” – but he does want a spirit of intellectual curiosity and exploration.

He chatted with a few students at Clark, and each had very specific career goals (paramedic, teaching, and marketing). I know Clark is promoting its programs that link academics and career. As a parent I think that’s great – but I also know my kiddo will want those 2 a.m. dorm conversations about how the sociological model of Whatever plays out in the fiction of Whoever. That sort of thing.


We recently visited Clark as well and what I would say is, it’s still a college, and your DS will still get the “college” experience no matter what the programs look like. The kids will have the 2 a.m. conversations wherever they go. I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Hope that helps

If he likes Clark he should go there. The school has a very good reputation. I can’t imagine that a school with this mission “Clark University was founded in 1887 to give the world original thinkers, compassionate leaders, and defiant voices. Times change. Our mission does not” doesn’t have a tribe just perfect for your son.

Thanks, all! @NEPatsGirl, just to clarify, he is deciding whether he likes it – he didn’t connect so much with the particular students he met, but is keeping an open mind.

I definitely did not get the impression that it was about putting students on a particular career path. Clark really impressed me academically but it just was not the right fit for my daughter overall.