Liberal Studies Program


<p>What exactly is the it a school for those persons who aren't academically strong enough to eneter directly into CAS or is it really a unique educational opportunity.</p>

<p>Secondly, what type of students, in terms of SAT scores and GPA, generally get into LSP.</p>

<p>DMA, There is a lot of info about the LSP if you search for threads here. Generally, it is a group of intelligent and academically strong students who lean towards the liberal arts in their studies. They are generally not accepted to CAS (or maybe some of the other NYU schools, not sure) because they are not as strong in a particular area of the application, such as SAT scores, GPA, ECs, etc. </p>

<p>I would say it is also a program with unique opportunities because students are in smaller classes with more intimate interactions with their professors and peers. Some are assigned to Study Abroad programs the first semester (some stay in NYC the first semester).</p>

<p>After two years of a fairly set curriculum of core required courses (which appear to follow the MAP requirements for practically? all NYU students), the student then can move onto the school of choice at NYU (except for Stern and maybe Tisch?) if they have an acceptable minimum GPA.</p>

<p>Maybe the search function would come up with the range of SAT scores and GPAs for LSP students. Sometimes they can be very strong in one area and more average in another. As someone just posted tonight, probably SAT I scores still at least 1800+.</p>

<p>thanks evolving. The reason i asked was because I applied to NYu and I was worried that i might not get in but when i was looking through the threads i noticed perosns mentioning LSP so i was just wondering if i could get in to that.</p>

<p>Thanks again!!!</p>

You are welcome. This is an anxious time for all of you. My thoughts go out to you and I do wish you the best.</p>

<p>so does anyone know if we find out prior to april 1st or on that day?</p>

<p>LSP admission occurs throughout the month of march</p>

<p>Hey I was just accepted to LSP and I was wondering if y’all knew when admitted students had to decide if they will be attending? I’ve gotten mixed messages from different sources at nyu, and I’m still waiting to hear back from other schools.</p>